14th Annual Seth Ernst Memorial Soccer Slam 2020 DATES:

January 24 - 26: Ages u6/7 - u10 and U2Old
February 28 - March 1: Ages u11 - u14/15 and GHS


Geneseo Foundation Activity Center
700 North State Street
Geneseo, IL 61254

2021 DATES


Friday: Sun. Jan.29-31, 2021 (Ages 6/7-11 and U2Old)

Friday: Sun. Feb.26-28, 2021 (Ages 12-14/15 and Geneseo HS)

2020 Seth Ernst Memorial Indoor Soccer Slam Tournament Rules and Regulations

         Geneseo Foundation Activity Center            
700 North State St. Geneseo Il.

2020 Changes in BOLD

General Facility Rules

  • No eating or drinking (except water) allowed on gym floor.
    • Food and drink must remain in designated areas.
  • No coolers allowed in the center.
  • Bag chairs are allowed.
  • No smoking allowed.
  • No spitting or chewing gum allowed in the center.
  • Be courteous – no profane, abusive, or foul language will be tolerated.

Team and Player Registration

  • All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 3 games.
  • Coaches of 6/7 – 14/15 teams must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Players may only play for 1 team each day.
  • 6/7 – 14/15 age groups will be accepted. 6/7 may be co-ed.
  • Age group chart:
  • Birth Year:                      Age Division
  •     2005/2006               14/15 *May not be in high school
  • 2007                       13
  • 2008                       12
  • 2009                       11
  • 2010                       10
  • 2011                        9
  • 2012                        8
  • 2013                        7
  • 2014                        6
  • All players must wear shin guards and flat soled indoor or tennis shoes – no cleats allowed.
  • No jewelry allowed.
  • Maximum roster of 7 players for ages 8 - 14/15                 
  • **6/7 and U2OLD and GHS Divisions may roster 8 players
  • 6/7-10 will play 4v4
  • 11-14/15, GHS and U2OLD will play 3v3
  • Tournament Committee reserves the right to combine age divisions if necessary.
  • All players must arrive 45 min. prior to their first game to be checked in.
  • Team rosters must be finalized before the first game is played.
  • The following items will be required at check-in:
    1. Proof of age (copy of birth certificate, IYSA player card, etc)
    2. Current signed IYSA medical waiver – see our website for downloadable form or complete one at the tourney!

Duration of Games, Game Balls, Goals and Field Size

  • Games shall consist of two 12-minute halves with a short halftime.
  • All ages will play with a regulation size 3 Futsol ball.
  • Goals are 4’ X 2.5’
  • Field is 48’ X 80’ - gymnasium floor


  • Substitutions are unlimited and may take place any time including “on the fly”
  • Players must sub within 10 ft of their team’s centerline with one player leaving before another can enter.

Ball Out of Play

  • Hitting the ceiling or any other structure that is out of bounds – indirect free kick from center circle.
  • Ball over touchline – indirect kick from the point the ball left play, as there are no throw-ins.
  • Ball over end line – corner kick or goal kick as appropriate.

Tournament Game Rules

  • FIFA rules will apply unless stated otherwise.
  • All free kicks are indirect, including kick off.
  • Opponents must be 10 ft away from ball on any free kick.
  • No offsides.
  • No slide tackling and headers allowed only for u12 and older.
  • Any foul inside the 3 point arc should be placed at the top of the arc with an indirect kick and other players 10 feet back.
  • No goalkeepers.
  • Team listed first on schedule is home team and will kick off first.
  • A goal may only be scored if it is last touched in a team’s offensive half of the field.
  • If the ball is kicked on the offensive half of the court and hasn’t crossed the goal line BEFORE time expires it is not a goal.
  • There is a 10’ X 12’ “no play” zone in front of each goal. Players are allowed in the zone but the ball may not be touched while it is in the zone. The zone is green and bordered by the end line on one side and a white stripe on the other. If an offensive player touches the ball in this zone, goal kick. If a defensive player touches the ball in the zone, automatic goal for opposing team.


  • Win – 3 points, Tie – 1 point, Loss – 0 points
  • A forfeit will be scored 3-0 and the winning team will receive 3 points.
  • In the event of a tie in the final standings the following tie breaking rules will apply:
    1. Head to Head result
    2. Fewest goals allowed
    3. Goal differential (max 5 per game)
    4. Most goals scored (max 5 per game)
    5. Coin flip (Coaches play 1 round of Rock/Paper/Scissors to determine who calls the flip)

All playoff games that end in a tie will have one 5-minute sudden death overtime. If the game is still tied after overtime then the game will be decided by penalty kicks in the following manner:

  • All kicks will be taken from behind the 3-point arc.
    1. The teams will go through one round of regular penalty shot procedures with 3 separate players (4 players if playing 4 v 4) taking penalty shots for each team. Only the players remaining on the field at the end of overtime are eligible for the first round.
    2. If still tied after one round then the teams will alternate shots in a sudden victory situation with every team member taking a shot before any single person can shoot twice.


The Seth Ernst Memorial Soccer Slam Committee reserves the right to make all final decisions.



"I just wanted to tell you how excited all the fourth graders have been about the soccer tournament this past weekend. They are especially proud of the sportsmanship award! I have heard so many stories. Thanks to you, your family, and all the volunteers - the tournament affects so many people in a positive way!"